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28 August 2008 @ 04:29 am
It was funny here, but i lost interest in this graphics journal, and let's say i needed to move on...or something like that.

This graphics journal is now closed, although if you were added before August 2008, you will still be able to see everything that has been posted here so far, and of course,use it giving credits either to hana_no_miyako or preferably carisma_sensei.

But don't worry! (i know you don't lol), now my graphics will be posted at inconformista, a community i own with a friend ♥

Sometimes we need a change, and it was time for me.

Join that community if you still want to see my graphics? ^^

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24 March 2008 @ 02:50 am
Sorry for not updating lately D:!! This is my first S1 layout in a lot of time, and my pc plays funny when i decide to make ANYTHING on photoshop so >_>;; ...

Well, 12012 layout for all of you to use :3 This picture was a suggestion i got on the picsbox~

Style: S1 Generator (have doubts?Ask)

Click for larger preview.

More under the cut!Collapse )
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I know i neglect this way too much. But sometimes my inspiration goes away...and never comes back >_>;;

Anyway i have a Kana layout to post someday soon, and some layouts that are yet to be coded, so expect some updates soon ne :3

Also, as i promised...like...months ago lol, i am here to write a tutorial about S1 style layouts. Ok so maybe this tutorial turns out in crap and you can't get a thing, but i will try it.

I won't write how to make the layout in photoshop (the graphics), maybe some other time, but since i think you can figure that out just by seeing an example, i will just jump to the coding~!

I know this will take me a while...Collapse )
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